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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 16th December 2020

ClickOnce MSI Installer Chocolatey

Please note DataStar.CmdLine is also available via the Azure Dev Ops Marketplace packaged as a VSIX file. This can be installed into Azure Dev Ops or Team Foundation to provide access to a packaged task or alternatively unzipped to extract the DataStar.CmdLine binaries.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:

Resolved Issues

DEFECT 137 - Adding a large number of items to the basket causes a background error that stops items being added. This was caused by multiple threading issue with concurrent access to the basket collection. A fix has been applied to make the action thread safe.

DEFECT 138 - Under certain circumstances when using a GIT repository, duplicate branches are listed. A fix has been applied to prevent duplicates in the menu display.

FEATURE 139 - Added support to allow deletion of local GIT branches from within the application.

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