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DataStar Tools Release: 1.5.3

Release Date: 22nd May 2022

File MD5 Hash
DataStar Tools Zip 5C33CEF3B98B8B1607E698CE72C8AD40
DataStar Tools NuGet 81E4AE72672CB3EA86D5CFEBC1FB3181

This is the DataStar Tools Command Line (CLI) and is used to deploy DataStar packages and can be integrated into tools such as Octopus Deploy.

DataStar.Tools is the new Command Line Interface (CLI) and replaces the DataStar.CmdLine application. The features include:

  • DotNet Core 3.1 application for automated deployments and can run on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Supports Oracle and SqlServer target databases.
  • Audit tables optional when creating reversal scripts.
  • Generate reversal scripts to Audit tables and/or NuGet packages
  • Can publish NuGet packages to a NuGet Repository.


The DataStar Tools CLI can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker as a .NET Core (Version 3.1) application. See DataStar Tools Command Line (CLI)


This release also includes the features from DataStar Client

FEATURE 190 When generating a reversal package it is important to create a manifest that will run in an order that will not cause constraint violations. With SQL Server this was typically handled using static scripts that get automatically included to disable and enable constraints. However this is not possible with Oracle due to implicit commits that occur with executing DDL statements. This latest release ensures that for Oracle the manifest for reversal scripts is reversed. SQL Server scripts will still execute in the original order, however with the introduction of version 2 templates the delete is handled at the end of the script removing the need for the disable and enable constraint scripts if it is run in reverse order. For SQL Server you can now specify a flag to invert the order when generating the reversal package.

Resolved Items

DEFECT 191 - When generating a reversal package the manifest was not being included unless the audit tables were also enabled. The manifest was also not being re-ordered correctly based on the metadata resulting in issues with the execution order. A fix has been applied so that the behaviour is as documented.

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