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DataStar Release: 2.6.011

Release Date: 26th November 2023

Windows Installers Chocolatey
64 Bit MSI Installer Choco DataStar
32 Bit MSI Installer


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.8 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.8 by following these links:


FEATURE 216 - A preview feature has been released that supports using GIT for Task Tracking. When enabled DataStar will use GIT Notes to associate changes with tasks.

FEATURE 217 - DataStar has added support for GIT Stash. Git has an area called the stash where you can temporarily store a snapshot of your changes without committing them to the repository. It’s separate from the working directory, the staging area, or the repository. This functionality is useful when you’ve made changes to a branch that you aren’t ready to commit, but you need to switch to another branch.

FEATURE 220 - DataStar can now be configured to enforce a GIT branching naming strategy by setting a regular expression within the workspace settings. For example to enforce a branch to be named "story/TASK1234" then the regular expression (story/TASK[0-9]+)$ can be applied which will enforce validation within DataStar (note this will not prevent branches being created outside of DataStar with different names).

FEATURE 221 - Quick search filtering has been added to the GIT Version Control Branch and Checkout Dialogs so that within each of the tabs (Select Branch, New Branch, Merge Branch, Delete Branch) the existing branches can be filtered easily based on a text search.

FEATURE 222 - DataStar has added a workspace setting that can be configured to associate a deployment file with the working branch name within GIT. If configured the deployment file will have an additional attribute included specifying the current branch name. When the deployment file is next opened DataStar will check the current branch and prompt the user to ask if they would like to automatically switch to the working branch associated with the deployment file. Note: this is a breaking change, due to changes in the deployment file users on older versions of DataStar will not be able to open any deployment files that have been generated with the working branch specified.

FEATURE 223 - The outgoing view for GIT has been enhanced to include item counts on each panel, this includes showing the number of files included in each commit. A new deployment button has also been added to the Committed Changes panel which will open a new deployment file containing the files included in the listed commits. A new right click menu item has also been added so that on a selected commit the user can choose to add the files listed in the commit to their basket.

FEATURE 224 - The Uses Lookups feature has been enhanced to include new components that have not yet been generated, previously if a referenced component had not yet been included in DataStar then it would not appear in the "Uses Lookups" view. This new feature makes it easier to automatically generate associated components.

FEATURE 225 - In the Deployment View, when selecting Task Export, DataStar will attempt to default the task identifier based on the branch name.

FEATURE 226 - The Version Control Branch dialog has been enhanced so that when on the Delete tab the dialog does not automatically close after completing a delete.

Resolved Items

DEFECT 215 - When using database deployment history tracking in the Deployment History View, an error was introduced in the handling of numeric work items, preventing filtering by work item. A fix has been applied.

DEFECT 218 - If connecting to the DataStar license server through a proxy server (with credentials) there was an issue with the credentials not being used in the proxy connection. This bug prevents users going through a secure proxy from accessing the DataStar license server. A fix has been applied to use the supplied credentials.

DEFECT 219 - When a dropdown is open using the mouse scroll cause scrolling of the top level tabs, taking the user to the configuration tab. Note that scrolling of menu items from the drop down is not currently supported.

DEFECT 227 - When deleting local GIT branches from the Version Control Branch dialog, the deleted branches were not removed from the other tabs. A fix has been applied.