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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 5th November 2022

Windows Installers Chocolatey
64 Bit MSI Installer Choco DataStar
32 Bit MSI Installer

DataStar.Tools is the new Command Line Interface (CLI) and replaces the deprecated DataStar.CmdLine application.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:

Compatibility Differences

Please note the following compatibility differences in this release:

  1. Older versions of DataStar will not be able to automatically open GIT deployment files generated with this latest version. This is because the deployment file contains the version control system and validates this against the connection settings, prior to version 2.5.x this value was the different flavours that identify the GIT provider (for example GitLab, bitbucket etc). With the latest version it is now identified as being a GIT repository which will not be recognized by older versions of DataStar. Version 2.5.x can open deployment files generated via older versions of DataStar, but not the other way round. This can be bypassed on older versions manually if required by updating the version control system in the deployment XML file.


FEATURE 198 The dependency on libgit2sharp for GIT has been completely removed from the Client and all GIT commands are executed via a shell. The minimal version of "Git For Windows" 2.38 is packaged for convenience with the application installer and will automatically be installed to the "lib" folder. As DataStar has no library dependency on "Git For Windows" users can use a different installation by updating the GIT Settings under the Configuration tab in the Options menu to use GIT from the system path. When this option is set DataStar will use the try and use the GIT executable if finds on the system path, but will fall back to the packaged version if not found.

FEATURE 201 The Search and Replace dialog look and feel has been improved and standardized within DataStar. It has been applied to the editing of templates, viewing of SQL files and viewing the deployment log.

FEATURE 204 Various deployment file improvements. Performance improvements to loading deployment files, including when searching for items to load into a deployment file by commit, date or task. For GIT repositories the deployment files will now identify the version control system as "GIT" rather than using the different flavours of GIT providers. This new version is backwardly compatible and will load existing deployment files, however an older version of DataStar will not load the new deployment files unless the version control system referenced in the file is changed from "GIT" to match the type selected in the Git Connection.

FEATURE 205 A new "Prune" feature has been added for GIT repositories under the "Synchronize" option in the "Version Control" menu. This gives users the option to delete any local branches that have been removed from the remote.

FEATURE 206 When using "Checkout" of a remote branch on a GIT repository DataStar used to display an error if the branch had already been checked out and was available locally. This behaviour has been changed so that if the local branch already exists it will just automatically switch to that branch.

FEATURE 208 The GIT connection dialog has been simplified, if connecting to an existing repository the connection details are set automatically based on the remote that has been configured for that particular repository. If you are not is an existing workspace then the URI can be set to allow you to Clone a new remote repository. When connecting all that is required is the URI as DataStar shells commands to the GIT executable allowing it to take advantage of the Git Credential Manager for HTTPS connections.

FEATURE 209 DataStar is now available as a 64 bit application which gives improved performance over the 32 bit version. If installing or upgrading via Chocolatey you will automatically be upgraded to the 64 bit version if your operating system supports it. If using the MSI you can upgrade an existing 32 bit application by running the 64 bit installer. We recommend that you install the 64 bit version as we plan to only support the 64bit version from October 2023.

FEATURE 211 In the GIT "Outgoing" view the "Undo" feature has been enhanced so that the undo action on new files is for them to be deleted, previously new files could only be undone by deleting them from the file system externally.

FEATURE 212 The Oracle.ManagedDataAccessIOP.dll assembly is now packaged with the application as per the instructions from Oracle to support Kerberos. Note this is only needed if using Kerberos and is currently an experimental feature.

Resolved Items

DEFECT 199 - When opening the Create Workspace View on an existing workspace, the settings for the "Open All Feature", "Use Unix Style Line Endings" and "Inverse Reversal" were not being populated from the current workspace. A fix has been applied to set these values in the display.

DEFECT 200 - When a GIT Diff contained multiple blocks of changes, the background highlighting only applied itself to the first block. A minor fix has been applied so that the highlighting is correctly applied to all changes.

DEFECT 202 - When working with a very large deployment file, the subsequent deployment log view was slow or would hang when searching for entries. This view has been re-implemented with enhanced highlighting and search capabilities that address the performance issues on large log entries.

DEFECT 207 - The Component View fails to display items where the file name length exceeds the permitted maximum by the operating system. This has been fixed so that the items will appear in the view. If a user selects the item and tries to generate a script the error is highlighted.

DEFECT 210 - [Oracle Only] An issue has been identified with updates not being applied on Oracle scripts where that script contains multiple entries against a table. If the script contains a single entry then the update is detected. Typically this impacts related one to many relationships. This release includes a fix to ensure these changes are detected. Note: this also impacts DataStar.Tools which has also been upgraded.

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