Azure DevOps Reversal

The DATASTAR scripts encapsulate data and their related entities as a scriptable component. When these components are deployed they make the necessary changes to the target environment by inserting, updating and deleting records. This idea of encapsulating data as a component also facilitates DATASTAR to be able to automatically generate the scripts necessary to reverse the changes so that the data can be reverted to it's original state. The reversal feature enables the generation of reversal or rollback scripts at the time of deployment so that if necessary the changes can be reverted.


To take full advantage of the DATASTAR Reversal feature you should automate the build and deployment of the database scripts. DATASTAR comes with all the necessary components to incorporate DATASTAR into "Dev Ops" so that you can fully automate and audit your deployments. It is recommended that you implement the Audit and History tables which can then be automatically updated to store the deployment logs and hold the generated reversal scripts which enable the ability to reverse or rollback the changes after they have been committed.

Client Setup

Please refer to the Getting Started section on the Reversal Feature.