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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 20th April 2020

ClickOnce MSI Installer Chocolatey

Please note DataStar.CmdLine is also available via the Azure Dev Ops Marketplace packaged as a VSIX file. This can be installed into Azure Dev Ops or Team Foundation to provide access to a packaged task or alternatively unzipped to extract the DataStar.CmdLine binaries.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:


FEATURE 120 - In order to manage related tables all tables should have a consistent key (or a consistent alternative key if the primary key is generated or transient). In some cases this may not be possible but the granularity of the data may be such that you can always join to the parent table key that was matched in the script as there is only ever one per script. Where this scenario exists a new BruteForce attribute has been added to the JoinTable element to force resolution to the first parent id matched.

FEATURE 121 - When performing lookups Data Star only supported "string" values as it assumed the data could be nullable. A new feature has been added so that you can specify the criteria to support non nullable lookups so that you add lookup keys for numeric data types.

FEATURE 122 - When defining a "LookUp" you can also specify a filter that you want to apply when extracting a script. By default the Filter only applies to the extract of data and it is not applied when you execute the script. A new attribute has been added to the Filter elements so that you can also specify that you want the filter to be applied at deploy time.

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