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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 20 January 2020

ClickOnce MSI Installer Chocolatey
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Please note DataStar.CmdLine is also available via the Azure Dev Ops Marketplace packaged as a VSIX file. This can be installed into Azure Dev Ops or Team Foundation to provide access to a packaged task or alternatively unzipped to extract the DataStar.CmdLine binaries.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:


FEATURE 110 - Enhancement to support using functions when specifying a column value, an example is shown below where the SYSTEM_USER function is referenced as a value:

<DataComponent Category="model-test" Name="${filename}">
  <Option Name="ANSI_WARNINGS" Value="OFF"/>
  <Option Name="NOCOUNT" Value="ON"/>
  <Option Name="DATEFORMAT" Value="ymd"/>
  <Table Id="1" Name="TEST">
    <Column Name="ID"  PrimaryKey="true"/>
    <Column Name="NAME" AlternativeKey="true" SortOrder="1" />
    <Column Name="USER_ID" Value="%SYSTEM_USER%" />
    select NAME as '${filename}' from TEST
  <Deployment Weight="1" />

Any standard function can be referenced as a value by enclosing appropriate function name with %FunctionName%.

FEATURE 111 - Enhancement so that the variable substitutions are applied to scripts fragments that are specified in the setup and teardown elements.

FEATURE 112 - Enhancement to add search capability. You can now search components on the the local file system for files containing values or terms that you are interested in finding.

Resolved Issues

  • BUG 107 - Fix right click save menu option not working in the the XML and SQL views.
  • BUG 109 - Fix delay in closing views. A small delay could occur if closing a view soon after opening whilst the view is still running a background process to update the version control status. This has been fixed so that the background task is cancelled on closing.
  • BUG 113 - The "Search As You Type" or Find option was not working in many of the views. A fix has been applied so that this filtering capability is working correctly.
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