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DataStar Tools Release: 1.5.6

Release Date: 30th October 2022

File MD5 Hash
DataStar Tools Zip 6D50FF49F516F7EB20A8A67121E567DC
DataStar Tools NuGet 7813D931DCA0C7193A2A2BDC73C55E9D

This is the DataStar Tools Command Line (CLI) and is used to deploy DataStar packages and can be integrated into tools such as Octopus Deploy.

DataStar.Tools is the new Command Line Interface (CLI) and replaces the DataStar.CmdLine application. The features include:

  • DotNet Core 3.1 application for automated deployments and can run on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Supports Oracle and SqlServer target databases.
  • Audit tables optional when creating reversal scripts.
  • Generate reversal scripts to Audit tables and/or NuGet packages
  • Can publish NuGet packages to a NuGet Repository.


The DataStar Tools CLI can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker as a .NET Core (Version 3.1) application. See DataStar Tools Command Line (CLI)

Resolved Items

DEFECT 210 - [Oracle Only] An issue has been identified with updates not being applied on Oracle scripts where that script contains multiple entries against a table. If the script contains a single entry then the update is detected. Typically this impacts related one to many relationships. This release includes a fix to ensure these changes are detected. Note: this also impacts the DataStar Client which has also been upgraded.

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