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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 24th February 2022

Windows installer Chocolatey
MSI Installer Choco DataStar

Please note DataStar.CmdLine is also available via the Azure Dev Ops Marketplace packaged as a VSIX file. This can be installed into Azure Dev Ops or Team Foundation to provide access to a packaged task or alternatively unzipped to extract the DataStar.CmdLine binaries.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:


This release represents the start of our move away from .NET Framework 4.7.2, many of the shared libraries have been refactored to support .NET Core for the DataStar.Tools CLI. We are planning to fully migrate the client to .NET 6 in 2023.

Resolved Items

DEFECT 167 The Deployment History View (used when you have audited deployments enabled in your CI/CD pipelines) only supported a numeric work item or user story reference. This has been updated to allow alphanumeric characters in the story reference.

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