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DataStar Release:

Release Date: 24th May 2021

ClickOnce MSI Installer Chocolatey

Please note DataStar.CmdLine is also available via the Azure Dev Ops Marketplace packaged as a VSIX file. This can be installed into Azure Dev Ops or Team Foundation to provide access to a packaged task or alternatively unzipped to extract the DataStar.CmdLine binaries.


This release depends on Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 - this should be installed prior to upgrading. You can find the .NET Framework 4.7.2 by following these links:


FEATURE 147 - An option has been added to the workspace settings to generate scripts with Unix Style line endings. This is also an option in the CmdLine settings. This feature ensures that scripts can be compared with version control systems that use Unix Style line endings and avoids scripts being reported as having changes in the new "Verify Deployment" view.

FEATURE 148 - The deployment now supports NuGet packages for deployment scripts. Once a package is built and published to a NuGet repository the packages can easily be located and run directly from within the DataStar UI. There is also an option to generate reversal scripts to a NuGet package in your local workspace (the location can be configured in the Workspace settings).

FEATURE 149 - The deployment log view within the DataStar UI has been enhanced to provide improvements to the way in which the log entries are displayed and now provides a console view when running scripts.

FEATURE 150 - A "Verify" option has been added to both the deployment file view and the new package deployment view. This will generate the equivalent scripts against a target environment and compare them with the scripts in the deployment and show which ones are different and therefore could result in changes. This feature is useful if you also want to verify that your changes have been applied to a target environment.

FEATURE 151 - A "What If" option has been added to both the deployment file view and the new package deployment view. This will run the deployment against a target environment in "rollback" mode so that you can see the changes that would be made if you were to run it in deployment mode.

FEATURE 152 - For GIT deployments a new column "On Branch" has been added to the Deployment View, this will show if the commit referenced is in the current branch (note it could be valid to reference an item in the commit log that is not on the current branch) so an error will only be raised if the commit entry cannot be found in the commit log. The "Is Latest" check is applied to the current branch only, so it will still warn if you are referencing a later commit on a different branch.

FEATURE 153 - If using GIT, switching branches will now update any Component Views and Deployment Files that may be open to reflect the status against the current branch. Previously these views has to be closed and then re-opened to refresh against the new branch.

Resolved Items

ITEM 143 - When creating a new deployment file occasionally the triggered dependencies showed an "invalid version number" error due to a race condition in the validation step. The race condition causing this error has been rectified.

ITEM 144 - When creating a new deployment file the "save" button was enabled along with the "save as" and clicking "save" caused the application to crash. This bug was introduced with the export to "task tracking" systems feature, and has now been corrected.

ITEM 145 - The database context used in generated scripts (if enabled in the templates) was taken from the database connection details, this could cause differences in case depending on how the connection was setup by each user. This has been updated to obtain the database context from the database so that case is consistent between users.

ITEM 146 - The GIT merge from remote origin now does a "fetch" prior to the merge so that the latest changes on origin are included in the merge.

ITEM 154 - The deployment summary displayed in the console view showing the number of rows inserted, updated or deleted was not correctly calculated if the table name contains numeric values. A fix has been applied to ensure that the correct values shown in the summary.

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